Cold Email Campaigns in the Insurance Sector – Case study

How do you sell insurance over email?

The short answer is that you don’t!

I highly doubt that insurance companies can come up with an offer that is outstandingly better than their competition. Everyone is pretty much selling the same insurance policy, marketed differently under different brand names. In this highly saturated, overly optimized and competitive sector, going for the cheapest price or offering a huge discount or giving away free stuff may bring you some customers, but wouldn’t really cut it ! So what is there for you to grab customers attention ?

My client had a nice blog that he have been writing for a few years, there he published content around insurance and insurance policies. Over the years he had gathered close to 20,000 email list that now we wanted to convert into loyal customers.

April was our first run at the audiences, here is what happened:

Week 1 (07.04.2020)

Audience size1,840
Website Visits96 (5.4%)
Leads Generated51 (2.87%)

Week 2 (15.04.2020)

Audience size1,640
Website visits67 (3.91%)
Leads Generated35 (2.04%)

Week 3 (20.04.2020)

Audience size1,616
Website visits58 ( 3.58% )
Leads Generated26 ( 1.60% )

Week 4 (27.04.2020)

Audience size2,329
Website visits114 ( 4.89 %)
Leads Generated69 ( 2.96 %)

To sum up:

Total audience size: 7, 425

Total website visits: 335 ( 4.51 % )

Total leads: 181 ( 2.43 %)

That’s not all! We hit the same audiences again the next month!