The Insurance niche is by far the most complicated and difficult in terms of CPL (cost per lead). In this case study I had the mission to drive leads for 5 pounds per lead. Which for people who work in this field can tell you that it isn’t an easy task to complete. However, we took on the challenge and made it work.

What was going on before I got on board

The company had quite a few Facebook campaigns and it was driving traffic towards the website for 2,4,5, even 11 pounds per click. However the conversion was poor.


35 leads generated from 1411 people

The campaigns:

Targeting: In this specific case we had to target people who had a specific job. We did not include interest, we targeted job titles only.

Marketing: After discussions with the brand I provided them with 2 options. The first using “disturbed images” or “uplifting images”. The company director chose to go with the uplifting/ happy which was more in accordance with their brand philosophy.